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Below are images taken on September 2, 2006 of the area that lent its name to Bryan Station High School. The site of Bryan's Station is located on the property of William Wood, who was kind enough to allow us to capture these images, approximately three miles north of New Circle Road on the west side of Bryan Station Road and is NOT open to the general public.


The State Historical Society road marker on Bryan Station Road, three
miles north of New Circle Road, near Briar Hill Road.

The monument was erected by The Lexington Chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution on August 15, 1896.

The site for Bryan's Station was chosen primarily for its proximity to the spring, which sits just off a tributary of Elkhorn Creek.

Looking east toward the intersection of Briar Hill and Bryan Station roads.

A view inside the monument.

"In honor of the women of Bryan's Station who on the 15th of August 1782 faced a savage host in ambush and with a heroic courage and a sublime self-sacrifice that will remain forever illustrious obtained from this spring the water that made possible the successful defense of that station."

A view from Bryan Station Road through thick brush on the side of the road.

Looking westward.


G.T. Smith (Class of 1982)


Chuck Shell (Class of 1983)

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